web conquest

Unique referrer plan!

Web Conquest is proud to be offering an unique plan that faciliates further growth of Web Conquest and rewards loyal customers who help us be successful. You can earn 10% of revenue generated by new customers you refer to Web Conquest. This is not a one time bonus but valid for as long as both you and the person you bring in as a new customer stays with us!

What should you do?

In order to qualify for this bonus the only thing you have to make certain is that the person signing up mentions you as their referrer. Once this is done, we'll make note of the referral and take everything from there.

How do I get my credit?

As soon as the person you got to sign up for services with us pays and we've administered it, you'll be awarded the referral bonus. This bonus is granted to you on your next monthly invoice. It is deducted from the charges you were due yourself. If successful, this even means you might end up getting your own account for free!

Should your referrals be so succesful that you generate more referral bonus than you have to pay yourself. In this case, we will use paypal to credit your account as soon as the credit is in excess of $50 for more than one month in a row.

Applicable services

The referral bonus applies for all new contracts and all periodical services that are hosting related. Services we perform on the clients behalf (domain name registration, SSL certificates, etc.) are excluded from this program as we only serve as a "man in the middle" for these products in order to better help our clients. Custom work like web design, custom website programming, etc. is also excluded. Quotes for such projects are not directly related to general website hosting and are offerred on a "per customer" base.

The small print

  • You will only refer people to us whom you know or have met. Spamming remains a definite no-no and may result in your own account being terminated.
  • Web Conquest grants the referral bonus as a "thank you"-present for your trust in us. You are not employed by Web Conquest and we owe you no benefits other than included within this program.
  • The bonus will be granted once the invoice for the referred person has been paid. No bonus is awarded if no payment is received. In case of partial payment, no bonus is awarded till the full amount of the open invoices has been paid.
  • Payments to you generated by the referral bonus are currently only payable to your own paypal account.

Should you have any questions about this program, feel free to contact us directly.